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From Ferplast's famous, recently redesigned Bella litter tray, a new version has been created, with a rounder shape and a particularly high base, to ensure your cat greater comfort. Like all of our company's litter trays, Bella Restyling is equipped with a charcoal filter. Spare filters are also available. When the original filter is no longer effective, you can buy a new one separately and insert it into the special space created for it, on the roof of the tray.
This new litter tray also has a swing door and a plastic handle for carrying it. It can also be fully opened, thanks to the practical clips on the sides, designed to avoid the tray from opening accidentally. It is very simple to clean inside and replace the dirty litter.
Bella Restyling is recommended for obedient cats that are accustomed to domestic life and fond of a particular area of your house, where they can go to do their daily business. For larger cats, Ferplast has created Maxi Bella, a litter tray with the same technical features as Bella, but in a larger size.
56 x 43,5 x h 37 cm