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Beta Adult Large Breed

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BETA Large Breed is 100% complete and balanced nutrition for large and giant adult dogs with an average activity level and normal weight. As large breeds have a different nutritional requirements from other dogs, this specifically designed diet contains added vitamins and minerals to support bones and joints, with wholesome ingredients.

  • Natural Prebiotics: Contains chicory, a natural prebiotic, to help improve digestive health. After 30 days of feeding BETA, the good bacteria, Bifidobacteria, may be multiplied by 100 times, helping to support your dog’s healthy digestion*.
  • Lean body mass: Protein and fat ratio has been specially adapted to help promote a lean body mass recommended for large breed dogs.
  • Immune system: BETA Adult Large Breed contains vitamins E & C which act as antioxidants to help maintain natural defences.
  • Dual Kibbles: Two different sizes have been designed to encourage your dog to chew the food – which aids nutrient absorption – while the dual shape reduces tartar by 21% after 28 days**. BETA large breed’s kibbles are larger than standard BETA kibbles to discourage dogs gulping the food.
  • Rich in meat: With turkey as a good source of protein to help promote muscle strength and an ideal body condition. It is also carefully balanced with wholesome ingredients such as wholegrain cereals to reveal his natural potential