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Pets Choice Carp Pellets are a complete, high protein growthand colour enhancing food for all freshwater pond fish. Thefood has been specially formulated to meet the dietry requirements of Koi carp. The pellets are floating toencourage your fish to feed at the surface of the pondfor your enjoyment and to prevent the build up of lost foodat the bottom of the pond. The pellets contain spirulina,a natural colour enhancer that strengthens and "fixes" thecoloured markings of all breeds of pond fish, and wheat germ,a highly digestible source of protein. Because the food hasbeen specially formulated to be highly digestible, it helpsto reduce water pollution, keeping the pond clear and welloxygenated. Vitamin C builds up the disease resistance andmaximises the natural healing of abrasions and wounds in yourfish. Pets Choice Carp Food uses a special stabilised form ofthe micro nutrient that has been specifically formulated andtested for use in aquatic feeds.size 5-6mm