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One of the oldest dog foods on the market having celebrated its 60th birthday in 1996.Vets trust and recommend Chappie - it is an easily digestible, completeadult dog food with all the nourishment a dog needs for a naturally healthy diet.  Low in fat: Chappie's unique, balanced recipe is much lower in fat thanmost other dog foods.Made with fish, chicken and cereal. Fish is an excellent source of protein. It is also low in fat, and contains a unique blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids.Wholegrain cereals: By using wholegrain maize and wheat, Chappie ensuresmaximum nourishment - starch for energy, and fibre for healthy digestionEasily digestible: The special blend of low fat and dietary fibre provides your dog with a slow release of energy, satisfying a dogs needs  throughout the day.Enriched with vitamins: Chappie is enriched with essential vitamins and fatty acids, for perfect balance in a dog's diet