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Dodson & Horrell Electrolytes

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If you have a performance horse and you are competing regularly, Electrolytes is an essential supplement for your feed room. Our Electrolytes is a dietetic mineral feedingstuff that contains electrolyte salts specifically designed to compensate for nutrient and electrolyte loss in the cases of heavy sweating in horses & ponies. Electrolytes is recommended primarily for horses that are sweating heavily and in hard work but it is also suitable for use when the weather is very hot or if your horse is a poor traveller.   

•    Ideal addition for horses that are competing on low levels of feed or on a ‘non-competition’ mix •    Electrolytes can be added to a slightly dampened feed •    Electrolytes can also be mixed in water a rate of 1 scoop per 2.5litres of water to provide your horse with an isotonic oral rehydration solution