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Dodson & Horrell FIBRE NUTS

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The low starch, high fibre nut designed especially for horses and ponies that are at rest or in light work. Our High Fibre Nuts are 95% whole cereal free and contain a broad spectrum package of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein and fibre for a happy, healthy horse.

Ideal for: •  Good doers at rest or in light work as High Fibre Nuts are based on a low calorie, low intake formula • Providing your horse or pony with a blend of different fibres to keep the hind gut healthy • Increasing fibre intake • Use as a partial forage replacer for older horses • Horses and ponies on a high forage diet (grass/hay) • Providing vitamins and minerals that are missing from spring and summer grass • Laminitic horses and ponies - contact the Helpline for more advice