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Ferplast Agila Harness 5 Orange

1.0 kg

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Agila is the new line of harnesses for dogs featuring great wearability and maximum comfort. Easy to wear, these harnesses adapt perfectly to every body type, thanks to the joints between the parts of the harness, patented by Ferplast. The micro regulation closure patented by Ferplast allows you to quickly and accurately adjust the size to your dog.

Agila Fluo was designed to be easy to use and to ensure maximum safety. Made of sturdy nylon, they come with soft padding for more comfort for your dog. In line with the latest trends, it's available in bright fluo colours and in different sizes that differ according to minimum/maximum neck circumference and girth and weight of your pet: Agila Fluo 1, maximum 5 kg, Agila Fluo 2, maximum 6 kg, Agila Fluo 3, maximum 7 kg, Agila Fluo 4, maximum 8 kg, Agila Fluo 5, maximum 10 kg, Agila Fluo 6, maximum 15 kg, Agila Fluo 7, maximum 22 kg, Agila Fluo 8, maximum 30 kg, Agila Fluo 9, maximum 35 kg.