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Ergofluo: maximum comfort for your dog, easiness of use, and a perfect fit! Available in fluo colours, this dog collar is softly padded all around and comes with an effective and patented closing system with micro regulation, so you can adapt it perfectly to your dog's size. Made of sturdy nylon, this collar has a quick release opening system, so you can unlatch it with a simple gesture. The line has numerous products in different trendy colours. The models differ in circumference (from 25 to 60 cm), width (15 or 25 mm), and dog weight (from 20 to 60 kg). Model C15/33, for instance, is suitable for dogs no heavier than 20 kg, C15/42 is suitable for dogs up to 30 kg, C25/51 is perfect for dogs weighing up to 40 kg, and the largest model, C25/60, is suitable for dogs weighing up to 60 kg.
For an impeccable look, you can use the collars with their matching leashes and with the Agila Fluo chest harnesses.