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Particularly suitable for rats thanks to its vertical structure, Jenny is a cage which gives your pet the possibility to move freely and do some exercise. Your rodent could play and enjoy himself just jumping from one side to the other of the cage thanks to the plastic tubes and shelves which are firmly fixed to the cage structure. Jenny is also complete with other accessories like steel bowls for food and a drinking bottle ensuring your rodent will always have fresh water. The bowls are firmly fixed to the cage thanks to their special hooks. Fast to clean, Jenny has a detachable plastic bottom which can be quickly get free from dirt and food leftovers.


Product Description

A high quality, high rise dwelling, suitable for one to two ferrets (or rats), with an easily cleaned, strong plastic base. As with all ferplast products, the cage is well designed, and would be perfect for the ferret household where space for a cage is limited. Includes:
  • Water Bottle
  • Food Bowls
  • Internal Tubing
  • Ladder
  • Two corner shelves Dimensions: 80 x 50 x 80cm (32 x 20 x 32")