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Relax is a cushion for cats and dogs, perfect all year around. Double-faced: one side is lined with cotton and the other with imitation fur, perfect to keep your friend warm during the winter. The Relax range has six different sizes. Pick the best one for your pet. Sizes such as Relax 45/2, 55/4, 65/6 and 78/8, for instance, are advised for small dogs or for cats, while Relax 89 and 100 are perfect for medium-large dogs. All Relax cushions are machine washable at 30° C. A perfect match with the hard plastic dog and cat houses of the Siesta Deluxe range! The number after the bar refers to the Siesta Deluxe bed size to which the cushion can be combined. For example, the cushion Relax 55/4 can be used in combination with Siesta Deluxe 4.