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Flippy Controller Tape is a state-of-the-art retractable lead that provides maximum safety and makes it easy to keep your dog under control, thanks to the original mechanism, patented by Ferplast and the only one of its kind in the world, of which our company is particularly proud. The tape lead stays taut at all times, so  you can finally keep everything under control! Forget the problems of retractable leads, with their drooping tapes that touch the ground and get dirty. With Flippy Controller Tape, when the tape is in the locked position, rewinding is automatic if your dog comes near you or if you get closer to him, meaning you will always have a clean lead. With the button locked, just a simple movement of your forearm is all you need to retrieve your dog. This avoids sudden jerks and the risk of the lead slipping out of your hand or, worse, harming your pet's neck. Based on the weight of your 4-legged friend, you can choose between two sizes - Medium (maximum 50 kg) with a 5-metre long tape lead or Large (maximum 60 kg) with a 6-metre tape lead.