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Once domesticated, rabbits are very sociable animals that can be trained, and that get along well with other house pets. This book covers every aspect of house rabbit ownership and care. It includes a nose-to-tail health guide to ensure that the rabbit remains fit and healthy. Books in this handsomely produced series are written especially for new and soon-to-be pet owners. Most volumes, filled with striking color illustrations, give in-depth presentations of the needs and traits of specific dog breeds. Starting this season,Living With a Pet books are expanding to include other animals that have become popular as house pets. Before acquiring a pet,  potential buyers need to know: Is the animal good with children? Which dog breeds make good hunters, guard dogs, or farm dogs? Which animals make ideal apartment pets? Each title in this series gives readers a detailed understanding of the animal's daily needs, special abilities, physical traits, temperament, susceptibility to health problems, and the many other details prospective owners need to know before acquiring a pet. All Living With a Pet titles are hardcover editions with jackets, and all have color photos on every two-page spread. Interesting sidebars appear throughout the text.