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Anyone that is enthusiastic about feeding garden birds will no doubt be aware of how popular wild bird peanut butter is amongst their feathered friends. It is not only popular with small garden birds but with squirrels, crows and other large birds who are all happy to devour the peanut butter. So you could find yourself getting through a lot of jars very quickly.

This caged feeder peanut butter feeder is highly effective at deterring large birds and squirrels from eating all of your peanut butter, as it has bars made from top quality powder-coated metal which help to protect the jar inside.

There are no hard to reach parts of this feeder which makes it easy to clean, and the curved, metal handle allows for the feeder to be hung from a variety of locations. This feeder has been specially designed to hold a single jar of peanut butter securely, and is easy to refill due to its simple metal opening mechanism.


12’’ (30cm) x 9’’ (23cm) x 9’’ (23cm)


1 Peanut Butter Jar