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Pet owners are being more aware of the importance of feeding their pets a good quality, main diet hay, so much so that the hay market is now divided into two: cheap, bedding hay and high quality forage. For our new hay cookies we take high quality meadow hay from a family farm in Bavaria and compress it into convenient and easy to feed portions. For the pet owner our cookies are easier to store, less messy to feed and result in less waste. 

They contain less dust and allergens. Pets benefit from the fact that unlike single species grass hays, like Timothy, our hay comes from managed meadows and pasture which contain over 20 different species of grass and edible plants. This improves the overall appeal and palatability; plus ensures the hay provides pets with a better variety of beneficial phyto-nutrients such as antioxidants and flavonoids. 

The cookies also mean it's easier to ensure pets are being given sufficient hay each day which is important for dental health, healthy digestion and overall health and wellbeing. Our hay cookies give you the opportunity to free-up valuable retail and storage space as they take up on half the volume of most other compressed 1kg packs. The packaging clearly communicates the importance of feeding hay which increases usage and promotes sales under a brand with strong consumer awareness and loyalty.