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Feeding your dog a natural diet will reap many benefits.  A shiny coat, sparkly eyes, clean teeth and no bad breath are but a few!
These pouches provide a complete meal for adult dogs.  All of Natures Menu 'ready to serve' natural dog food pouches are highly palatable, nutritious foods that provide a natural source of energy for your dog.  These pouches contain the correct balance of vitamins and minerals to help ensure your dog maintains both a healthy and active life.  These pouches contain freshly cooked chicken with a game mix of rabbit and duck with vegetables and rice for adult dog maintenance
These food should be gently cooked in the pouch which will ensure that all the natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients do not escape during the cooking process.
Chicken is an excellent source of essential amino acids that provide the building blocks for muscle development.

Duck is a dark, rich hypoallergenic meat; ideal for dogs with an intolerance to many common proteins in the diet. This unique protein source is high in protein and very palatable.
Available in a 300g pouch.


Wheat free

Gluten free