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Norfolk Pastures only process barley straw this is because of its golden colour and soft stalks, compared with wheat straw which is sharp and brittle and may cause harm to your small animal's eyes. Once again the straw is harvested when it is golden in colour and at its driest and stored in barns. It is left in longer strands for a more natural burrowing material.

Dust Extraction

  1. Hay and straw are passed over shredding units which shreds them into longs pieces, this helps to extract the dust and fungal spores from inside the stalks.
  2. It is then passed through a cyclone where the dust and fungal spores are extracted out and the hay and straw falls to the bottom.
  3. Finally it is then passed over sieves where high powered fans suck out dues, soil and spores through find holes. It is then weighted and packed giving a quality, clean produce that has just undergone a high level dust extraction process and is now ready for packaging.