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Dust extracted hay with herbs.
Norfolk Pastures has worked carefully with a leading herb specialist to formulate a five-a-day herbal plan for your pets needs.
Norfolk Pastures Five-a-Day mix provides your pet with essential fibre that is vital for a properly functioning digestive system from a top quality mixture of dust extracted meadow grass hay.
The mix of highly appetising herbs will give your pets a variety of tastes that will encourage their natural chewing behaviour which is vital to keep their teeth ground down and in good condition.
The different amounts of herbs will help reduce boredom as the smells will encourage your pet to forage in search of the sweet tasting herbs, mimicking their counterparts in the wild.
Dust extracted hay: For fibre. Marigold: Acts as an appetiser and benefits the digestive system. Lemon balm: Acts as a calming agent. Red clover: Optimises skin condition. Dandelion: Good for the urinary system, detoxifies by flushing toxins out of the body. Mint: Acts as an appetiser and benefits the digestive system by encouraging your pet to eat, thereby promoting health and wellbeing.