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The simplest, most effective way to keep your water clean and clear is to use and all natural product. Clear-Water Barley Straw is afe and natural.

There are over 17,400 different species of algae. Most water gardens are plagued by either plankton or filamentous algae.

Plankton Algae- aka suspended algae, green water, pea soup or single cell algae.

Filamentous Algae- aka string algae, blanket weed, hair algae or pond scum.

Not all algae are harmful or unwanted. the short velvet type that clings to rocks and the sides of the pond is beneficial. This type of algae provides oxygen during the day, fish nibble on it, and it uses nutrients from the water. It also provides a natural look to the pond.

There are about four basic causes of excess algae or algae bloom.

  1. For survival algae needs nutrition (nitrogen and phosphorus) and sunlight. Nutrition can be in the form of fish waste, too many fish, over feeding, decaying organic matter, lawn fertilizer, sludge on the bottom of pond and decomposed fish.
  2. New ponds are very likely to have algae bloom. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The algae is actually consuming the excess nutrients in the water.
  3. In the spring, beneficial bacteria have only started to multiply. Plant coverage is not at its maximum coverage.
  4. String algae will flourish in waterfalls and shallows. The sunlight is unobstructed.