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Pro Plan Dog Puppy SMALL BREED

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PRO PLAN® PUPPY SMALL BREED with OPRISTART®* is specially developed to provide complete and balanced nutrition with optimal levels of protein and fat and vitamins, to meet the special energy needs of small breeds. Complete pet food for small breed puppies under 10kg at Maturity.

Product Information

  • Formulated with Colostrum, found in mother’s first milk, which helps support immune response and help sustain the protection his mother gave him. It also balances good and bad bacteria in the puppy’s gut to help him resist common puppy upsets
  • High quality chicken and a special coating, to satisfy small dogs’ fussy appetite
  • Contains DHA (an Omega 3 fatty acid) naturally found in mothers milk, important for brain and vision development
*Ishikawa H, Tabuchi H and Ohashi E (1998), Changes in the Serum immunoglobulin concentrations in puppies. J Vet Med Japan 51: 801 – 805