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A Complete and Balanced meal created with higher protein with puppies in mind. Puppies can be weaned onto this product. They can then begin to have our other nuggets meals at 16week of age.
Created in easy to serve ice cube sized frozen nuggets that can be simply counted out into the bowl and when defrosted, handed to your dog, Simple!
We recommend also feeding some of our raw meaty bones and chews throughout the week for the health of your dogs mouth, teeth and natural behaviours. Avoid the harder Knuckle or Marrow bones with puppies. Most puppies will enjoy and benefit from learning how to safely cope with raw meaty bones and chews, when introduced to them as puppies.
Salmon is an easy to digest protein that is full of amino acids and rich in essential fatty acids to help promote health and vitality
Chicken is an easily digestible protein that contains many B vitamins and useful amounts of Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Selenium and Potassium.
This product contains all the essential minerals with Calcium and Phosphorus in natural correct ratios.