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This Sweet Fishmeal groundbait has been developed by the UK’s leading match angler Steve Ringer as an all-round groundbait for targeting carp, F1 carp, bream and skimmers.

It features both sweet and fishmeal aroma’s which is technically hard to achieve and results in terrific catches when out on the bank as it appeals to all fish, whether they prefer sweet flavours or fishmeals.

In addition to this the recipe utilises quality proteins and amino acids which combine with the Koi Technology used to create the groundbait and make it stand out from everything else on the market.

You can use this groundbait mixed dry or wet and it is perfect for balling, cupping or for use in an open-end feeder.


Key features: - Developed by leading match angler Steve Ringer - Supplied in a 2kg bag - Combines sweet and fishmeal flavours - Full of proteins and amino acids - Versatile groundbait – can be used for balling, cupping or plugging an open end feeder