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Vetzyme with Garlic With B Complex Vitamins Helps maintain a healthy heart & good health Complements all dogs diets These tasty tablets combine the goodness of garlic with B Complex vitamins derived from Brewers® Yeast. The B complex vitamins help guard against nervousness, poor coat and skin trouble and help support the body's natural immune system. They may also help to maintain a good appetite and healthy growth, healthy eyes, mouth and throat and a healthy digestion and intestinal tract. Garlic may help to maintain a healthy heart and circulation. B Complex Vitamins As B Complex vitamins are water soluble they cannot be stored in the body to any great extent. Therefore Vetzyme with Garlic tablets are an ideal way of boosting your dogs supply of these important vitamins throughout the day.Dogs and puppies of all ages Helps maintain good health and vitality Helps maintain a healthy heart and circulation. Helps to guard against nervousness Helps maintain a shiny, healthy coat. Complements all pet foods. Use daily all year round Ideal as a healthy treat or training